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Welcome to GoCoachYourself

You are worth more than a Quick Fix!


is an all encompassing platform that empowers your health, fitness and well-being.

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has two main features a community driven cookbook that gives you access to healthy delicious meals that are seamlessly integrated into your everyday diet.

While our nutritional tool intuitively allows you to plan out your day worth of meals and track your progress, while adapting your diet so that you can have that muffin and coffee and still achieve your goals.

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is a workout and exercise builder focusing on you. A simple and intuitive tool that helps you build your workout routine to best suit your skill level and strength, while dynamically improving each session to make every rep, session and workout count!

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Finally GoHelpYourself,

is focused on your well-being, tying it all together. 

A fun and interactive habit builder and tracker, keeps you wanting to achieve your next mile stone, while offering motivational support and mental health advice to pick you up during lows and push you even higher.


Community focus allows you to keep in touch with your friends and compete for the next medal on your journey to the better you!

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Meet the Team

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GoCoachYourself started as a discussion at at a coffee shop in 2018 between Daniel and Adam.

Adam as a Personal trainer and Nutritionist was at a loss as to why a platform such as this didn't already exist in order to help those who need it and we discussed the concept at length over a couple of months. 

I'm sure many of you know that the field of health and nutrition is a strange one which can be very hard to navigate. With there being a lot of different opinions and methods out there, it can be quite overwhelming.


We found it disturbing to think of all those people who found themselves utterly confused and pushed to giving up on their health just because it just seemed to be too hard a task.


Thus our goal was created!

"To make it as easy as humanly possible for someone to manage their own health and well-being."

After multiple concept iterations and designs hashed out, having given nearly all of our free time to tackling this beast.

We came up with 'GoCoachYourself'.

Named out of our joint belief that the only person

who can make the change necessary to achieve your goal is


So with this platform we hope to empower you with all the tools, guidance and support, so that you can take back control of your health, and ultimately, your life.

We believe in YOU!

As a startup with your support we hope to grow 'GoCoachYourself' in to a powerful change agent for as many people as we possibly can.

Meet the Team

Jess Fleming

I've been using GoCoachYourself consistently for the last 9 months. While I started with my main goal being about weight loss & successfully down just over 8kg body fat in this time. I've achieved & accomplished so much more in this time than I could imagine. The knowledge & support provided has helped me fix my relationship with food. ( yes I still enjoy chocolate frequently now without the guilt) Its allowed me to feel & be more confident with both myself & my foods. Having the ability to learn & teach myself has what made this journey a lot more enjoyable. There is no one I wouldn't recommend GoCoachYourself too! I can not speak more highly of these guys and what their creation has helped do for me.
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